Living in a virtual and socialized world

We're a brand new company based on Argentina, focused on providing social development of applications and services. Pioneering the emerging market of social-networks, we're committed upon bringing new exciting products and technologies to our clients and partners, come and join the shiver!

What we do

Social media and new technologies is our strong lead, we've been working with Facebook, Twitter and OpenSocial since day zero. Plus, in the past we have built many CRMs, ERPs, web sites, games, marketing campaigns and mobile applications. We're very good at what we do and we love it! Since the great success and impact that these networks are causing on people's everday life it is crucial for many companies been able to communicate with their costumers in a modern and virtualized way from which they can make sure that everyone spreads the news, this is called viral media and occurs very fast.

Recent work

Recent work
Recent work

The Team

We have an advocate team of professionals working with agile methodologies. Working together is very important and we take partnership (inside and outside the company) very seriously. Read more

Services We Offer

Web related projects, anything that may come to your mind: a CRM, ERP, front-end, back-end, landing page, e-commerce, Facebook applications, iPhone apps, Android apps. Get in touch with us!

Insights and Analytics

Tracking your success is key in any business. We relay and provide a wide range of tools for tracking visitors, page views and general statistics of your company.

What folks say

“SharkOne has developed aplications for GreenPeace Argentina's website with quality and great pace. Without a doubt we'll be working with them in future projects. Highly recommended for anything referred to social networks.”
Hernan Nadal – Director, GreenPeace

Get in touch

We'll coordinate an interview so you can tell us what is it that you will love to build. Whether you have a business, an ongoing development, a marketing campaign or just simply an idea, do not hesitate to drop us a line now!

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